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SEO UPDATES FALL 2017 and More

Man, we have been REALLY REALLY BAD about blogging. We have put ourselves in blogger jail and will promise to do better in the future.


What’s shaking in SEO World in 2017?
Here is our late summer, early fall breakdown on what we know so far. Our spidey senses are tingling and we believe there will be some sort of Google algo update roll out here in the next few months in addition to the live AI updates they have running pretty much 24/7. We have a love hate relationship with Search Engine Journal, so take that with a grain of salt when it comes to us linking to one of their articles. You can be damn sure we’re adding a nofollow link to this lol.

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re aware that Google now has two separate indexes for mobile and desktop. According to SEJ, they claim its giving mobile the priority. We’re not fully sold on that yet. We think its about 50/50.

So what does this mean for you as an SEO ?

 You absolutely must have a mobile friendly website. We would go so far as to say you need a mobile designed website.  In the past and we still see some of it today, people are making websites that technically pass Googles Mobile Friendly test, but still have an absolutely horrible user experience. Don’t be that guy.  Find a solution that not only works on mobile, find one that works really well. There is a bit of a learning curve and a departure from traditional web design when it comes to what is good and what is not so good.

Now its show and tell time.  We really try and avoid calling people out, but for the sake of demonstration, we need to show you some links to illustrate the difference between something that “works” on a mobile vs a site that performs well on a mobile device.

We don’t know much about this company other than it looks like they do USB sticks, duplication and that type of thing.  Their desktop site is not great…not the worst of what we have seen out there, but where this really falls down is on the mobile side of things.  This site will technically “pass” the mobile friendly test, but that’s where we think it stops.

1) The buttons are really small.
2) The buttons are way too close to each other.
3) Its unclear what the function of the buttons is?
4) Wall of text.
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This site pretty much checks all the boxes on what not to do for a mobile design. It looks a bit like its taking a nod from some early Apple GUI designs, but it still misses the mark.  Check the site for yourself on a mobile.

We have recently delved into the dental marketing space, hence the radio silence on our part. We have been working with a dental marketing company out of Kansas City called Breakthrough Dental Marketing. These guys specialize in marketing for dentists and they are good…really good. What separates them from the rest of the other dental marketing firms out there is they have a dentist on their advisory board. He’s giving them insight that most companies don’t get.  One of their first clients is a dentist in Lenexa, KS. Lenexa is a suburb of Kansas City proper but its on the Kansas side of the state.   Dr. Kelly Bridenstine is the owner of Perfect Smiles Dental Care.  When we have interacted with him, he seems like the proverbial dream client. He understands marketing, he understands SEO and its value.  He had a pretty decent website built by one of the corporate medical website companies out there.  For a long time he was ranking really well because he was consistently getting reviews and had a really nice backlink profile.

Then mobilegeddon hit.  It took awhile, but Google finally ended up penalizing his website for not being mobile.  He got rid of the corporate managed website and had a different firm build his site.

It excels now because
1) Its mobile and works really well on a mobile device.
2) It’s responsive.  It looks good no matter what you are viewing the site on
3) It has a mobile specific view.  A lot of the visual elements are removed when its in mobile mode.
4) It has clear driving directions and a very clear call now button on the site.

His SEO company is steadily regaining his rankings for terms he was once #1 for.  4 to 5 years ago he was absolutely dominating for search terms like “cosmetic dentist”  “sedation dentist” and “teeth whitening“.  His rankings slipped but now that he has a well done site, they are slowly coming back.

mobile SEO

The take away?  Mobile = good.  Not Mobile = bye bye.

Stay tuned….we’ll address site speed in our next post and also talk about map embeds. We have some ninja stuff to show you.  For a sneak peek, check this map below: