Hello? Is this thing on?

We do a pretty fair amount of observation on the internet.  We like to pay attention to design, usability and just general internet happenings.  In the sea of really bad landing pages, we’re looking at you LeadPages 🙁   Its nice to come across a simple, well done landing page that just “gets it”.
It may seem brutally simple and overly utilitarian, but sites like the one we are referring to just work.  It’s a newer site and we’re pretty sure its got something to do with lead generation or generating calls.  That being said, let’s have a look see at why this site “works”

1. It’s wicked fast.
In this day and age, 2.1 second is unheard of.  The page size is insanely low as well.  It’s not unusual to see pages in the neighborhood of 2-3MB these days. This thing comes in at a super slim 956KB.

2. On page SEO
It’s a little thin on the content side of things, but its really strong with the on page SEO treatment.  The site hierarchy makes sense  and its all cascades well.

3. It’s mobile friendly.
This may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to ranking in 2016, it matters.

4. No Bullshit
Harsh I know but seriously. Look at this site.

Do you have questions?   YES
Do you need answers?  YES
Need to talk to someone ? YES

HERE IS THE NUMBER TO CALL.  It’s in a big bold font, multiple times on the page.
In closing.  It’s nice to see simple, well done pages like this that don’t have pop ups all over the place or some video you have to watch before you see the content.

Straight forward and well done.  Kudos to whomever built the Talc Powder Ovarian Cancer website.  You have our respect.


mobile friendly