on page seo

Spring and Your Rankings

We’re noticing a lot of big changes coming in the SERPs lately.

on page seo
What you think Rand daddy?

It seems to us that the Big G is really starting to crack down on the mass page builder website and the automated site builders.
Some of our colleagues at other SEO agencies used to be big time users of things like GSA, Money Robot, SENuke etc.
We have been having some rather heated discussions with our friends over at Blue Agave SEO .

We contend that automation is dying if not fully dead already.

To their point they argued that they are still having success using it, but they have had to change their methodology and approach.
Although our site may not look like it, we have always been proponents of the classic approach to SEO.

On page matters.

We have done  a ton of audits for clients that have a site that is struggling to rank or has recently lost significant rankings.

Short of a penalty, 9.5 times out of 10 its an on page issue.
We run the audit, show the client where the most egregious errors are and then give them a punchlist of what to do. When the clients we work with implement our suggested changes we normally get the “girl scream” call.  OMG guys our site is now on the top of Google. WHAT DID YOU DO?  Maybe we’re revealing too much of how the sausage is made here, but its really not that hard.  All the info is out there, you just need to go get it, implement it and dominate your competition.

Easy ….right ?
Now go get em tiger. Out On Page your SEO competition and see what happens. It’ll be fun and its a skill set you MUST have if you are going to survive in this game.