Search Engine Optimization Copywriting – Optimization Tips – Tricks

SEO…Good for Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization is the best way to receive long-term free traffic. Although Search Engine Optimization encompasses a large array of attributes, content is king.

Not only is copyright used to keep visitors interested, but it is used to gain exposure in search engines. First, lets look at how to find keywords.

  1. Check your stats.
  2. Use NicheBot, Google suggestions, Overture. Google AdWords tool.
  3. Use Google trends and Google sets.

Now that you have your keywords, you can easily use them in your copy.

Often there is talk amongst the Search Engine Optimization community about what keyword density sounds best. The fact is, no one truly knows. But what we do know is that over-saturated keywords send off a red flag and lead to penalties. The general rule of thumb is to keep your copy sounding natural, but if you need a number shoot for 2-3%.

Optimizing Tips

  1. Optimize your images. Use the alt and title attributes to describe the image. Generally, alt attributes should be 8 or fewer words. Title attributes may be longer and more descriptive. Also optimize the text around the image–this is used for image searches.
  2. Use strong/b/i/em. Don’t just use them as eye stoppers, but use them to highlight keywords.
  3. Link to related articles. Link to other related pages on your site (be sure to use keywords as the anchor text). This will not only spread the link juice, but will also help both pages with the anchor text optimization (and give your visitors more pages to read).
  4. Use header tags. Headers are one of the most important aspects of on-page Search Engine Optimization. Use your keywords. Also, don’t forget to use h2 and h3 along with the h1 tag. Use these instead of strong or em to divide your pages into sections.
  5. Use keywords in the beginning of paragraphs. Search engines tend to give more value to words at the beginning of paragraphs (and the top and bottom of pages). Use your keywords in the first sentence of your articles for best Search Engine Optimization value.

If you wish to receive long-term traffic, using Search Engine Optimization in your copy is just one of the many optimization techniques to help you get there.

Source by Gary R. Hess