Poor Ranking – How to Detect Duplicate Content

What’s that ? Can you repeat that? I didn’t heard you the 1st 5 times.

You have found a great niche and free domain. You immediately create a website with few pages, spend some time for search engine optimization and start promoting it. After some time you find that Google has indexed it but rankings for main keywords are poor. Even after few weeks there is no significant change. Your websites is positioned few hundred positions below the surface. You start wondering what might be the cause, is there maybe some conspiracy or too strong competition. Usually, the main cause for low ranking is the content itself.

Duplicate content is easily detectable. It is very likely that you have taken sentences or paragraphs from other pages to create your website. While the final product may look professional and nice to read, it is still duplicate content. Google checks pages from various points of view. One of them is the quality or uniqueness of the content. If some text is already present on other pages then there is no need to be duplicated somewhere else. And if such redundant pages are found then they are marked accordingly and this is reflected in poor ranking. The fact is that one of the strengths of Google web search is the quality of search results. When searching for anything you get relevant results. Content copied from other websites is definitely not relevant. Google knows it, now it is time that also you understand it and act accordingly.

Of course, there are also other reasons for poor ranking, but you should check and eliminate the most likely cause. To determine if your website has duplicate content is pretty easy. In general, you should know if the text on the pages is your work or you have taken it from other pages. However, there is a simple way to find any copied phrases, sentences or sections. Simply go to Copyscape website and enter url of the page you would like to check. If there is any similar content elsewhere on the web you will get those websites. Check them, any duplicate text will be clearly marked.

Once you find that you have some not-so-original content the solution is simple. You should write it with your words without using phrases or sentences from other sites. This means that you have to understand the subject and describe it with your own words. To know more about some subject simply Google for it, find relevant pages and read them. When you will have some understanding and knowledge you will be able to write about it. This is the basic principle of writing unique content.

Source by Jan Pascal