Know Your Audience

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There are a lot of SEO firms and marketing firms that get really hung up on rankings and data.  Sure its great to rank your client both for business reasons as well as ego reasons. Let’s face it, its fun to Google a search term and see a website that you worked on performing really well in the SERPs.


At the end of the day, there is a human being interacting and using your website or viewing your social media feeds.  Now, lately here at 01MG we have been working with and observing a pretty wide sample of websites, LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts and Instagram posts.  By far the most egregious violations are happening on Instagram, and more specifically when an oral surgeon, prosthodontist or dentist is running the account.  And by running the account, we’re talking about taking pictures during live surgery events.  This is great if you are simply trying to document your work as a surgeon or you are a clinical teaching facility.  Real shots of real surgery procedures and in some cases video can be invaluable when it comes to training soon to be dentist.

Now here is where the problem comes in…Typically a dentist or oral surgeon that has a well established practice “gets used to” the blood and guts as it were. Over the years they become desensitized to it and its no big deal to them and they don’t find it shocking or gross.  Just another day in the office.   Again if you are using Instagram to document your work, share with your colleagues, get critiques from other professionals or as a teaching tool, its a great medium. If you want to browse through dental surgery images, there are websites like this one, that are specifically devoted to these types of images.

Instagram is great because:

-You can get a large amount of exposure.
-Its super easy to use
-Its immediate both in posting and feeback
-Optional videos, stories and polls which can be really valuable in building your brand.
-Go forth and build your tribe of followers. Get them to love you and then sell stuff to them 😉

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Now the part about knowing your audience.

If you are a dentist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, endodontist or basically anyone who deals with potential blood in the mouth ,


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The takeaways:

There is a large portion of society that has dental fear and dental anxiety.  By posting images like the ones above (sorry had to do it to prove the point) you run the risk of seriously damaging your practice and losing potential patients to your competition that is taking a much softer, more human centered approach to marketing.  In some ways your dental website is the 1st appointment with your patient.  If you scare them off, they will click on the next website until they find one that makes them feel at ease enough to pick up the phone.  Read this again, because its important:  posting bloody or “scary” medical pictures is damaging your practice.

Here are three examples of  dental practices from vastly different areas of the country doing a good job.

1. Black Hills Area Dental: 
They are great example of how to build an approachable website.  They are a Rapid City Dentist who can handle just about any dental need you may have.  Look at their landing page, not a single picture of dental instruments or the inside of a mouth.  The site is inviting, welcoming and makes you want to call them.

2. Perfect Smiles Dental:
If you do a search for “dentures and partials lenexa” you’ll get a pretty heavy dollop of  images of the actual dentures themselves and in some cases gross images of them being installed. When people are choosing a prosthodontist or a specialists, they want to know more about the person doing the work and what they will look like when its done.  They don’t care, nor do they want to see everything that goes into it.  Just make their smile look good and make them comfortable.

3. Kevin Sands – Beverly Hills Cosmetic
This is the mecca for cosmetic work.  The potential client base is the Hollywood elite.  They have the need, the funds and the desire for privacy. 1st impressions here are ultra important to gain trust, make your potential patients like you and ultimately pick up the phone or have their assistant pick up the phone and call.  In Beverly Hills, the stand out to us is   Its a sexy website, well built and not a single instrument or procedure picture on the site.  Well done!

Hopefully this helps and you can gain an edge over your competition.
Pay attention to what you post. If you aren’t sure, ask someone who is not in the medical field.  If they cringe or make a face when scrolling through your feed, then you are probably doing it wrong.

Until next time 🙂