How the Free Google External Keyword Tool Changed Keyword Research


Google has just upgraded the AdWords External Keyword Tool so that it now also shows Search Volumes for the Keywords it returns during keyword research. As Google is the biggest source of keyword search phrases, due to the fact that it is the dominant search engine used by web surfers, this news is extremely significant.

Until now most internet and affiliate marketers will have used paid keyword research tools such as Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Wordze and Keyword Elite to find the keyword phrases that internet users are searching for. However these tools only gather information on a very small fraction of the actual searches performed. Google on the other hand has direct access to a massive number of real searches in comparison.

These paid keyword research services try and predict the total searches for each keyword by extrapolating their data, but the numbers returned cannot be considered accurate in any way at all. But because these tools were the only way to get any significant data they were relied on by many if not most internet marketers.

The Google AdWords external keyword tool has changed all this as it now displays key phrase search volumes that are not calculated, but which are taken directly from real search volume data gathered by Google from their own search engine. Now anyone performing keyword research can get all the data they need directly from Google, which will be much more accurate than that provided by the paid keyword research services.

The best part of this news is that Google now provides all this new information for free. Although the external keyword tool is provided for affiliate marketers using AdWords to promote products and services, it is available free to everyone. If you know the link URL then you can use this tool for free.

Many top internet marketers in the industry are claiming this as the biggest thing that has happened to internet marketing for a very long time. For once it seems that Google is giving something back. Of course there are also many cynics out there who question why Google has done this and there are others who question the accuracy of the search data Google has revealed. Early checks have shown that in may cases the data is fairly accurate, but only time will tell as more analysis on these new results is completed.

The other fact that is important to remember is that there is also a free version of this for each geographic country location, such as the UK or Australia, so keyword search volumes are now also available for country specific keyword research. So for UK keyword research, the Google external AdWords keyword tool is now the best keyword research software currently available.

This is extremely useful as the paid keyword research tools are not good at providing this localized information and remember again that it is free!

Source by Dave Joa