Doing it and Doing it and Doing it well.

We’re referencing this old school video in this post.


OK What the hell are you guys talking about here?

We found another site that gets it, they are doing it, doing it and doing it well.
Here’s why.
This site is  for a Sports Performance Training Company based out of Lawrence Kansas. but what’s so special about it?
1) Their on-page SEO is some of the best we have seen in the industry.  For the search term “Sports Performance Lawrence Kansas” they dominate the 1st page.  This is a smaller company with a fairly new website. They are out ranking some heavy hitters like Lawrence Memorial Hospital and some other companies that have been in business for longer than the Athletic Strength Institute.
2) They are not only dominating the local space in Lawrence, they are starting to make a foot print in the next largest city over…Kansas City.

This is all well and neat, but how are they doing this ?

Full transparency here.. this is some drunken master SEO analysis but here is why we think they are dominating this space.
1) As we said earlier their on page SEO is amazing.

2) Keyword Research. These cats have obviously spent a lot of time analyzing the space and checking out their competition,

3) They have an over arching locations page.  Visit their site and under the facilities tab, they have a service area link.
sports performance service areas kansas city 4) Each one of these location pages has its own map and its own location specific page built out.

See how they have 4 separate pages for the 4 separate keywords they are trying to rank for ?
Sports Performance Overland Park
Sports Performance Lenexa
Sports Performance Leawood
Sports Performance Olathe
Sports Performance Kansas City. 

5) Social Media. This personal trainer is a beast. Check out all of their social profiles from their website. Look at the volume of posts they put out on their Facebook Page.

We always like to give kudos to KC SEO Companies that are doing clever things.
These guys are definitely doing it and doing it and doing it well .


We’re gonna keep an eye on this one and see how it plays out over the next few months. We think there are going to be big things happening for Athletic Strength Institute.