Spring and Your Rankings

on page seo

We’re noticing a lot of big changes coming in the SERPs lately.

on page seo
What you think Rand daddy?

It seems to us that the Big G is really starting to crack down on the mass page builder website and the automated site builders.
Some of our colleagues at other SEO agencies used to be big time users of things like GSA, Money Robot, SENuke etc.
We have been having some rather heated discussions with our friends over at Blue Agave SEO .

We contend that automation is dying if not fully dead already.

To their point they argued that they are still having success using it, but they have had to change their methodology and approach.
Although our site may not look like it, we have always been proponents of the classic approach to SEO.

On page matters.

We have done  a ton of audits for clients that have a site that is struggling to rank or has recently lost significant rankings.

Short of a penalty, 9.5 times out of 10 its an on page issue.
We run the audit, show the client where the most egregious errors are and then give them a punchlist of what to do. When the clients we work with implement our suggested changes we normally get the “girl scream” call.  OMG guys our site is now on the top of Google. WHAT DID YOU DO?  Maybe we’re revealing too much of how the sausage is made here, but its really not that hard.  All the info is out there, you just need to go get it, implement it and dominate your competition.

Easy ….right ?
Now go get em tiger. Out On Page your SEO competition and see what happens. It’ll be fun and its a skill set you MUST have if you are going to survive in this game.

Tap…tap….tap…Is this thing still on ?

mobile SEO

SEO UPDATES FALL 2017 and More

Man, we have been REALLY REALLY BAD about blogging. We have put ourselves in blogger jail and will promise to do better in the future.


What’s shaking in SEO World in 2017?
Here is our late summer, early fall breakdown on what we know so far. Our spidey senses are tingling and we believe there will be some sort of Google algo update roll out here in the next few months in addition to the live AI updates they have running pretty much 24/7. We have a love hate relationship with Search Engine Journal, so take that with a grain of salt when it comes to us linking to one of their articles. You can be damn sure we’re adding a nofollow link to this lol.

Local SEO


Unless you have been living under a rock, you’re aware that Google now has two separate indexes for mobile and desktop. According to SEJ, they claim its giving mobile the priority. We’re not fully sold on that yet. We think its about 50/50.

So what does this mean for you as an SEO ?

 You absolutely must have a mobile friendly website. We would go so far as to say you need a mobile designed website.  In the past and we still see some of it today, people are making websites that technically pass Googles Mobile Friendly test, but still have an absolutely horrible user experience. Don’t be that guy.  Find a solution that not only works on mobile, find one that works really well. There is a bit of a learning curve and a departure from traditional web design when it comes to what is good and what is not so good.

Now its show and tell time.  We really try and avoid calling people out, but for the sake of demonstration, we need to show you some links to illustrate the difference between something that “works” on a mobile vs a site that performs well on a mobile device.

We don’t know much about this company other than it looks like they do USB sticks, duplication and that type of thing.  Their desktop site is not great…not the worst of what we have seen out there, but where this really falls down is on the mobile side of things.  This site will technically “pass” the mobile friendly test, but that’s where we think it stops.

1) The buttons are really small.
2) The buttons are way too close to each other.
3) Its unclear what the function of the buttons is?
4) Wall of text.
reproduction services
This site pretty much checks all the boxes on what not to do for a mobile design. It looks a bit like its taking a nod from some early Apple GUI designs, but it still misses the mark.  Check the site for yourself on a mobile.  Magtek.net

We have recently delved into the dental marketing space, hence the radio silence on our part. We have been working with a dental marketing company out of Kansas City called Breakthrough Dental Marketing. These guys specialize in marketing for dentists and they are good…really good. What separates them from the rest of the other dental marketing firms out there is they have a dentist on their advisory board. He’s giving them insight that most companies don’t get.  One of their first clients is a dentist in Lenexa, KS. Lenexa is a suburb of Kansas City proper but its on the Kansas side of the state.   Dr. Kelly Bridenstine is the owner of Perfect Smiles Dental Care.  When we have interacted with him, he seems like the proverbial dream client. He understands marketing, he understands SEO and its value.  He had a pretty decent website built by one of the corporate medical website companies out there.  For a long time he was ranking really well because he was consistently getting reviews and had a really nice backlink profile.

Then mobilegeddon hit.  It took awhile, but Google finally ended up penalizing his website for not being mobile.  He got rid of the corporate managed website and had a different firm build his site.

It excels now because
1) Its mobile and works really well on a mobile device.
2) It’s responsive.  It looks good no matter what you are viewing the site on
3) It has a mobile specific view.  A lot of the visual elements are removed when its in mobile mode.
4) It has clear driving directions and a very clear call now button on the site.

His SEO company is steadily regaining his rankings for terms he was once #1 for.  4 to 5 years ago he was absolutely dominating for search terms like “cosmetic dentist”  “sedation dentist” and “teeth whitening“.  His rankings slipped but now that he has a well done site, they are slowly coming back.

mobile SEO

The take away?  Mobile = good.  Not Mobile = bye bye.

Stay tuned….we’ll address site speed in our next post and also talk about map embeds. We have some ninja stuff to show you.  For a sneak peek, check this map below:

Google “Possum” Update + Using Google Sites

Google Possum Update

Google Possum Updates

Google Possum UpdateAs we all know, Google has recently rolled out, and as far as we’re concerned and what we have seen with our data it’s still rolling out as of the first part of October.  If you have been in the SEO game for any length of time, you know that when Google releases the latest animal its either a really good thing or a really bad thing, depending on your SEO strategy.

At 01MG we are constantly experimenting, testing and playing around with things.  With our experimental sites we tend to be a lot more cavalier and bold with our tactics than we are with our client sites and with our site.  So we have seen mixed results depending on which tactics we were using on a given site.  Hopefully we can give you some updates and some pointers based on our findings.

So Google Rolled out and Update…Now What?

1) Don’t panic:
Typically, when Google rolls out an update there will be wild and frankly weird search engine results displayed until the roll out is done or has settled down a bit .
For example: Below is a screenshot for the search term “Chiropractor Schaumburg Illinois”.

local seo
Notice anything weird?  

We sure did.

This is primo real estate when it comes to ranking well in Google. This is the proverbial Snack Pack. The Snack Pack that used to be called the 7 pack (for obvious reasons) and got reduced to three listings several months ago.  These slots are highly competitive and extremely valuable to business owners.  For one, they are the most visually prominent listings on the page.  Even with all the ads that sit above it, these have more visual weight and people like shiny objects, so you know they are gonna click on it.

The second component is mobile.  We have written ad nausea about the importance of mobile and this essentially proves our point.  On a mobile device, the snack pack listings are, again more prominent and they are above the fold on the user’s device.  More visibility equals more clicks which typically means more phone calls.   Additionally, the snack pack listings have the added functionality of click to call and click for directions.

So to reiterate, this is extremely valuable real estate in the Google landscape.   The screen cap from above was taken during the peak of the recent roll out that most of the SEO was affectionately calling the Possum Update.

Which begs the question of why would Google rank a site called “m” ?  It’s either a mistake and over site or a weird A/B testing thing that Google threw in the mix  just to see what happened.  It’s puzzling given that Google has a very specific set of expectations and guidelines for what they deem as a “quality website”.   Based on what we know, this would mean that this sites’ title tag is simply the letter “m”.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense from a logic perspective.

The other thing of note is the lack of reviews.  While it is not completely out of the norm to see sites in the snack pack with no reviews, the combination of a single letter as the website title and no reviews doesn’t really make sense?


Does it?


Additionally, it’s subtle but the listing above that one in the snack pack has the name of the keyword misspelled.  This is again really incongruent with Google’s typical behavior of auto suggesting and auto correcting nearly everything you type…particularly with their own properties.  The information in the snack pack is largely drawn from a business’s Google My Business listing.  So, following that logic, Google verified and approved both a business with the name of “m”  as well as a business with a misspelling of the profession.

Such is the weirdness of a Google update.


2)When an update rolls out, the natural inclination is to jump in and start “fixing” things. Adding more links, prompting more social activity and adding more content.  As difficult as it is to resist trying to fix a perceived problem, we typically stand pat and don’t do anything out of the normal business process…tweeting, adding a blog post etc.

Think about it

If Google is showing weird results during/after an algorithm update and you immediately react to it and change something significantly, they are going to notice.  They will notice the difference in your site by comparing data pre-crawl and post crawl of the algorithm update.   It sucks to sit patiently and watch as your rankings flip flop like a spawing salmon, but our advice is don’t touch it.
spawing salmon


How do you make your sites future proof ?

We always rely on a back to the basics approach
We tend to stick with the usual suspects…..Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.  As of late we have started really focusing on Google and their properties.

Lots of SEO’s out there are unaware that you can build  out an entire website on sites.google.com.   Yup, you can build a Google website for zero cost for hosting and you can actually rank it as well.  Google loves their own stuff, so the more you post on it and around it and link to, the better chances you have to build up the authority of your main website.   For years a lot of people that were “in the know” wrote off Google My Business and Google Plus as dead in the water and death from Facebook.

Not true. 

In order to rank well, especially in the local space you HAVE to have your Google properties in order.   Our intern was digging around and found a really well done suite of Google properties from and IT firm based out of Kansas City.   They have offices in St.Louis as well, but let’s have a look at what they are doing to rank for Computer Support Kansas City.

Google Checklist| What They Are Doing Well:

1) Optimized Google My Business
2) Active and consistent posting on Google Plus
3) Well done sites.google.com website. In this case they are optimized for Computer Support Kansas City.  We suspect that they grab additional keywords based on the way they set this site up.
4) Google Maps on their website for both addresses with great schema.org info included.


In closing, if you aren’t leveraging Google properties, you should.  For more info on how to do this…ironically… you should Google it   J

Holy Weebly Batman

catastic weebly

Weebly, the Good the Bad and The Weebly

We could go on and on about why you shouldn’t use a free web builder, but we’ll save that for another day.
There are so many things wrong with free web builders, that we don’t feel like re-hashing what was has been written about many times on the web.  Our friends over at The Kansas City SEO Group have a good blog post on this. We suggest looking it up and giving it a read.

Sometimes when we get bored at the office, we troll around the web  doing research and just poking around.  Every once in a blue moon, we stumble across a site that is really well done on a really shitty platform.  We try to avoid naming names, but we’re talking about the good ole Weebly boys.  Wix and the host of others are not without sin, but for this example we’re talking all things Weebly.

Ok, so what’s the point of this post other than an excuse to post a really old meme?

Every once in awhile you run across someone who actually put some time and effort into making a crap platform look good.   We were doing some research on cat odor and cat odor remover and we stumbled across this site for a cat odor product.

Its a rare stand out in the sea of bad Weeblys.
And…here’s another bad meme. We are up to 2 bad memes now for those of you keeping score at home.

What makes its so much different that your typical Weebly site ?
Well, thanks for sticking around people, because we’re gonna tell you.

1) Template Choice: They chose a minimal template and didn’t try and get too crazy or superfluous with the design choices. Its got a straight forward and very clean magazine style layout.

2) Website Sections: They have sections built out that “good websites” all have.  Terms and Conditions and a Privacy statement. They even went so far as to have a very subtle cookie acceptance pop up on the bottom of the page.
There is an opportunity for a high five meme or a Fast Times at Ridgemont High image here, but we won’t go there.

catastic weebly

3) Social Sharing Buttons: They included social sharing buttons. This may not seem like much, but its fairly involved to integrate it into your Weebly site. Trust us, we have had to do this. 🙂

4) Testimonials.  They went the full nine yards and incorporated a testimonial slider on their Weebly site.  This is somewhat like putting lipstick on a pig, but in this case it definitely helps dress things up. When it comes to these free websites, the more things you can do to make them look like a “real” website the better off you’ll be.  This is another instance where it took some effort and thought to include this in the website

5) Links. They have a nice internal linking approach. Although its a smaller site, its the subtle little touches like this that will really help your SEO footprint and your SEO potential in the eyes of the almighty Google.  Additionally they have some outbound authority links which is another ranking factor that will help.

It looks like they have not yet upgraded to the paid version of Weebly because the site still has the “Create A Free Website” and “Powered by Weebly” in the footer of the site   But we suspect because they have included a video that they may be indexed. Based on how well this site is built, it would not be surprising at all to see this ranking for something like “cat odor eliminator” or “cat urine remover” “get rid of that cat smell” or something that the effect.  We are going to have our VA keep an eye on it just to see if it pops up somewhere in the SERPs.

We know this post may seem slanted negatively against free website builders…which it is.  You should always hire a professional design firm,  BUT that being said, we do feel it is our responsibility as Deputy Sheriff of the Internet to highlight sites like this that are at least trying to make a crap platform look decent and offer a good user experience.

To whomever was tasked with building that Weebly, well done you sombitch.

Doing it and Doing it and Doing it well.

We’re referencing this old school video in this post.


OK What the hell are you guys talking about here?

We found another site that gets it, they are doing it, doing it and doing it well.
Here’s why.
This site is  for a Sports Performance Training Company based out of Lawrence Kansas.   Ok..cool but what’s so special about it?
1) Their on-page SEO is some of the best we have seen in the industry.  For the search term “Sports Performance Lawrence Kansas” they dominate the 1st page.  This is a smaller company with a fairly new website. They are out ranking some heavy hitters like Lawrence Memorial Hospital and some other companies that have been in business for longer than the Athletic Strength Institute.
2) They are not only dominating the local space in Lawrence, they are starting to make a foot print in the next largest city over…Kansas City.

This is all well and neat, but how are they doing this ?

Full transparency here.. this is some drunken master SEO analysis but here is why we think they are dominating this space.
1) As we said earlier their on page SEO is amazing.

2) Keyword Research. These cats have obviously spent a lot of time analyzing the space and checking out their competition,

3) They have an over arching locations page.  Visit their site and under the facilities tab, they have a service area link.
sports performance service areas kansas city 4) Each one of these location pages has its own map and its own location specific page built out.

See how they have 4 separate pages for the 4 separate keywords they are trying to rank for ?
Sports Performance Overland Park
Sports Performance Lenexa
Sports Performance Leawood
Sports Performance Olathe
Sports Performance Kansas City. 

5) Social Media. This personal trainer is a beast. Check out all of their social profiles from their website. Look at the volume of posts they put out on their Facebook Page.

We always like to give kudos to KC SEO Companies that are doing clever things.
These guys are definitely doing it and doing it and doing it well .


We’re gonna keep an eye on this one and see how it plays out over the next few months. We think there are going to be big things happening for Athletic Strength Institute.

Hello? Is this thing on?

We do a pretty fair amount of observation on the internet.  We like to pay attention to design, usability and just general internet happenings.  In the sea of really bad landing pages, we’re looking at you LeadPages 🙁   Its nice to come across a simple, well done landing page that just “gets it”.
It may seem brutally simple and overly utilitarian, but sites like the one we are referring to just work.  It’s a newer site and we’re pretty sure its got something to do with lead generation or generating calls.  That being said, let’s have a look see at why this site “works”

1. It’s wicked fast.
In this day and age, 2.1 second is unheard of.  The page size is insanely low as well.  It’s not unusual to see pages in the neighborhood of 2-3MB these days. This thing comes in at a super slim 956KB.

2. On page SEO
It’s a little thin on the content side of things, but its really strong with the on page SEO treatment.  The site hierarchy makes sense  and its all cascades well.

3. It’s mobile friendly.
This may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to ranking in 2016, it matters.

4. No Bullshit
Harsh I know but seriously. Look at this site.

Do you have questions?   YES
Do you need answers?  YES
Need to talk to someone ? YES

HERE IS THE NUMBER TO CALL.  It’s in a big bold font, multiple times on the page.
In closing.  It’s nice to see simple, well done pages like this that don’t have pop ups all over the place or some video you have to watch before you see the content.

Straight forward and well done.  Kudos to whomever built the Talc Powder Ovarian Cancer website.  You have our respect.


mobile friendly


Benefits of Interactive Internet Advertising

Benefits of Interactive Internet Advertising

If you want something new for the purpose of promoting your business, then you should try interactive advertising. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and imagine what you will like in this advert. Or if it is something interesting to watch what makes it so? With these questions freshly in your mind, you can formulate a strategy.

Right content flow

In the first place, what is search engine optimization?  Each day, most internet users use various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find some answers to some questions. And thousands or perhaps millions are likely to ask for services and goods that you sell. Therefore, you must have a way of making your business site visible when internet users search for queries that relate to your services and products. You can join an SEO group such as The Kansas City SEO Group or ask the content provider of your choice to create for you a content constant flow that is appropriate for your strategy. Remember that luring more visitors to your website is among the most important steps that you can take to realize instant benefits in your online business.

The most crucial aspect of your SEO strategy is to understand the words that are used frequently and do indicate some interest as far as your products are concerned. Kansas City SEO Group among others suggests some pointers that help you learn the significance of interactive advertising in a much better way:

  • Interactive marketing actually lures visitors from all walks of life.
  • There are various interactive media such as multimedia tools, visuals and audios that are used to display thoughts, these attract the viewers attention, motivating them to tour your store and make some purchase.
  • Once a visitor sees your ad, you can get their response almost immediately. It is, therefore, necessary to make the much-needed changes in your promotional drive and cobble it together.

Learning their desires and behavior

You can easily learn about customers’ behavior and desires through interactive marketing. Thus, in case you wish to launch new products in the future, then you can easily promote it based on the customers’ desires as well as their behaviors.


Interactive advertising is a very economical method of promoting one’s business. It can be used to promote ideas via the appropriate catchy punch lines and medium. Therefore, you can utilize your budget for any other products promotion aspects.

Improved sales

A great interactive advertising drive can improve your sales and can be widely applauded by customers worldwide. Sometimes, it is seen as a tool for interpersonal communication to clients. To understand more about interactive advertising, seek the help of such SEO experts as The Kansas City SEO Group. Such people offer a broad range of services including and not limited to interactive internet advertising, social media optimization and content creation.

Kansas City SEO Experts

Kansas City seo

Local SEO is very important for those looking to attract local consumers to their site. Getting specific helps lock sales better than anything else when it comes to gaining an appropriate audience that can make a business succeed.

There are certain things a business website can do in order to ensure the search engines will display a local location. Whether it’s Kansas City or any other city and state, the information below is relevant universally. Contact us or keep reading for some of the most pertinent strategies:

City and state in title tag – The title tag represents the title of a particular page. We see it whenever we mouse over a tab. This is the first block of text search engine robots see when they search and index your page. Using appropriate keywords which reflect the content contained on the page, as well as the city and state where the content can be ordered from, is of extreme importance. Make sure your html is coded properly in order to reflect this.

Important SEO Factors

City and state in H1 or H2 heading – Depending on how you have your blog or site set up, the name of your city and state should be presentable in either the page’s H1 or H2 tag. This is the second place the search engine robots look in order to gauge the value and SEO information of the page.

H1 or H2 heading

City and state in content – The city and state which is to be indexed and targeted must be in the content body. Without making the text sound robotic, 2-4 times would be recommended.

City and state in meta description – All articles, blog posts, etc, must have a meta description in the header area of the html. Search engines need a summary of what the content on a page is about. With a city and state like Kansas City, Missouri in the meta description, local SEO for that area is much more attainable.


Add an embedded Google Map – Google Map has become very helpful to businesses looking to optimize themselves locally for the search engines. Embedding a map must be done properly, however. The map cannot just point to your address. It must point to a business’ Google Plus local listing.


Local Search Optimization is Simple

Optimizing a site locally for the search engines isn’t difficult to do. It takes some work and some knowledge of html and other coding sometimes. If you don’t feel comfortable taking that on, hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Be sure to tell them exactly what you want. Before long you shouldn’t have a problem getting Google and the engines pointing to your business in Kansas City – or anywhere else on the planet!